Presenting Max Medina!

He doesn't skate, but he's useful for other things!

You've probably gathered by now that Lorelai doesn't go on a lot of good dates.
Meet Max Medina.
In short, he is everything anyone could want.
So, why, you ask, is Lorelai not going out with him?
Well, it's simple.
Lorelai and Max went out for two months. They really liked each other. But then Lorelai suddenly realized that Rory could get hurt if anything happened, and broke up with him. Then she kissed him on Parents' Day.
It doesn't make sense to me either.
But I think what happened is this:
So she kissed him, broke up with him, and returned his Proust.
Now we're all hopeful.

Okay, big news, Gilmore Girls fans! Max proposed to Lorelai! Yes, you've got it! In the season finale, "Love, Daisies, and Troubadours," MAX PROPOSES!! I know.. isn't it just wonderful?

Sadly, Lorelai does not accept the proposal, and she and Rory escape on a road trip, to Harvard. More information about that road trip later.

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